If you wish to ring us on
outside UK your code + 44 1797 260207
please take account of the time in the UK as indicated in the calculator below. We are happy to take calls at any time except when we are asleep !
We can be faxed at any time (outside UK your code + 44 1797 260693)

Your Local Time using your computers clock

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)our time in the UK
varies by 1 hour depending on the time of year

Eniwetok (GMT-12)
Samoa (GMT-11)
Hawaii (GMT-10)

Alaska (GMT-9)
Pacific Time (GMT-8)
Mountain Time (GMT-7)

Central Time (GMT-6)
Eastern Time (GMT-5)
Atlantic Time (GMT-4)

Brazilia (GMT-3)
Mid-Atlantic (GMT-2)
Azores (GMT-1)

Rome (GMT +1)
Israel (GMT +2)
Moscow (GMT +3)

Baku (GMT +4)
New Delhi (GMT +5)
Dhakar (GMT +6)

Bangkok (GMT +7)
Hong Kong (GMT +8)
Tokyo (GMT +9)

Sydney (GMT +10)
Magadan (GMT +11)
Wellington (GMT +12)

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