Information on watch water resistance

Battery and checking sealing charge 12.00
(We will advise if new seals, crown or glass will be required to restore water resistance)
A  watch should be regularly tested for water resistance and always when a new battery is fitted.
We can fit a battery and test most brands of watch for water resistance.
We have modern testing equipment for depths of 50m to 200m water resistance
(note 30m is not considered a water resistant watch suitable to be taken into water or the shower)

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Confused by the depth ratings on watches? You're not alone. Because industry standard testing is done in a static, laboratory setting, watch depth ratings have little to do with how deep you can actually go in the water with your watch. The chart below offers a "real world" explanation of what depth ratings really mean.

What Depth Rating Means in a Dynamic, Real-Life Environment

50 feet [15m]

Get wet at your own risk.

100 feet [30m]

Watch should withstand a brief hand washing experience.

150 feet [45m]

Watch should withstand swimming near the surface.

330 feet [100m]

Watch built to withstand underwater depths of up to 100 feet and swift arm movement.

660 feet [200m]

Watch built for extreme underwater conditions such as scuba diving.


Water Resistance



We must expect that a customer may wish to use their watch for swimming and showering and therefore we will not water test a watch marked less than 50m as this lower standard is not suitable for all water related activities.


Watches marked 30m or water resistant may be water resistant in certain conditions but because the case is not designed to withstand any pressure the seals will fail in wear.


We will only guarantee a watch water resistant if the case is able to withstand normal wear conditions. These are standards set by all leading watch manufactures.



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WATCHES WATER-RESISTANCE by Norma Buchanan. What makes a watch water-resistant?

Your new watch says it is water resistant, but what does that mean exactly? How do you care for a water resistant watch?
In most countries, watches can no longer be described as "waterproof", even if they are designed for diving and waterproof-tested to 100M/330FT or more!
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