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Chris Heal FBHI watchmaker

chealwatch ltd watch repairs is working normally during the restrictions due to Covid-19 but only by Post and we will not have any visitors to our workshop. To send you watch to our workshop please go to our sending web-page
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Full service may take from 2 - 3 weeks - and you are in contact directly with the watch repairer. Part work such as battery change will remain 3 to 5 days turn round

Watch servicing & repairs through some watch houses and high street jewellers can be expensive. With low overheads and an online watch repair service we aim to provide a fast, efficient and affordable service. We are able to repair and service many makes of watch and we have material accounts with many companies listed in the left panel plus we are able to service or give information and charges on other watch brands listed on our watch repair costs page. If you are sending your watch to chealwatch then we have helpful information about sending and a sending form.

The service of every watch whether its a quartz or mechanical watch includes complete disassembly of all the movement. Each part is carefully examined for damage or wear and where necessary replaced or repaired. The watch is cleaned while disassembled and is then again inspected whilst being reassembled. The watch is carefully checked and where necessary adjusted to ensure optimum performance. The watch is then oiled using factory recommended lubricants and timed and regulated. The movement is then refitted to its case and tested and timed over a period of time before being returned to the customer. All watches rated 50m or better are check for water resistance. All work and components fitted during the repair or service come with a 12 month guarantee. The case and bracelet are generally ultrasonically cleaned as standard. Generally repairs can be turned around in within 2 weeks unless parts have to be ordered or sourced.

Trade News

Swiss watch industry’s restriction of supply of spare parts.

A number of Swiss brands such as Rolex, Swatch Group including Omega , Breitling , Cartier and many other Swiss Brands plus watch parts suppliers such as ETA prohibit the supply of spare parts to independent watchmakers which prevents all but authorised service centres from working on certain watches with official parts. Achieving brand authorisation often requires a significant investment in specific tooling and equipment required by the brands. While the equipment check lists issued by the various brands frequently feature equipment of similar specification, the brands often require equipment from differing manufacturers, which might result in an independent watchmaker or service centre having to purchase several different pieces of equipment capable of the same job if it wishes to work on watches from more than one brand.

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